Prior Research

I combine technical methodologies with a media theory approach to analyze digital flows of content. I begin and end by asking qualitative questions on aesthetics based on art and media theory — using an interdisciplinary
method that involves the computational analysis of culture on a mass scale.

FACEBOOK VIDEO, Data Scientist (2016 – present)

At Facebook, I was the primary analytics researcher on several of the company’s unlaunched video initiatives. My main project is social viewing — answering questions of how people view content communally, how people socialize around content, and how storytelling looks when done on mass crowd-sourced scale. My secondary project is understanding premium content — researching what differentiates traditional content ecosystems (like the Hollywood studio system) from web content ecosystems (like YouTube).


BuzzFeed Motion Pictures is the video division of BuzzFeed, creating moving image content ranging from short-form gifs to full length films. I was the lead analyst for this division of BuzzFeed over the time that videos grew to be BuzzFeed’s biggest traffic division. I wrote BuzzFeed’s company playbooks for video strategy which are still in use today — comparing how mediums affected their messages across platforms. I designed experiments into viral
content, post-lingual content, time-shifted content and other new ways of creating media online that were adopted by the company. I headed research for BuzzFeed’s internationalization efforts, which were video-first.
(Also, I acted in a couple BuzzFeed videos.)

HULU, Intern — Content Partner Team

At Hulu, I conducted a study of open inventory pockets on the site. I performed data-based research, economic analysis and user studies of content demand as it responded to supply as well as other factors such as seasonality,
special events and competitor offerings.

SHOWTIME NETWORKS, Showtime Anytime – Intern

At Showtime, I was a strategy team member during the launch of Showtime Anytime, the online competitor to


I was the campus ambassador for this product.


I received my B.A. in Media Studies, with a particular concentration on courses in journalistic medias and new medias. In my senior thesis, I explored how the Internet had changed the narrative structure of storytelling. I traced how screens over the history of humanity have altered our conceptions of the world, culminating the transformative advent of the digital screen. I followed patterns in narrative format as they spread from the web into design, video and our daily lives.