New Media Word Processor

I was interested in constructing an image-based word processor to use for creative writing. The idea is that the processor would translate words in real time as they type to various forms of new media including photographs, video clips, animated images, symbols, sounds or actions (erasing, new page etc.).

The display aims to call attention to the fact that the translation of thoughts to written words is merely the most common form of documentation not the only one possible. Even though the processor will not display any text, the user should still feel that their thoughts are being recorded, sometimes imperfectly and sometimes more perfectly than they had articulated. I was frustrated with the limitation of traditional word processors which force us to stare at a blank page or black and white text. The recording of our thoughts to the written word already involves this constant over and under translation, but we are so used to the process of simply writing in words we forget to consider the concepts gained or lost in this process.