More Projects

41 Questions for Falling in Love with a Public Space

created with Justin Carder, Claire Fitzsimmons, Courtney Ferris, Paul Pillitteri 

We designed a flyer filled with questions for two people to answer as they walk around a public space. We wanted art that led people to explore the spaces of the city with each other, and maybe even fall in love with a place (click thumbnail for full file).

Paper Gramophone

I made a paper “gramophone” by running an earbud through the horn, and wrapping the iPod in a paper turntable so that when you pressed the spindle down on the turntable, the iPod played music.

I also inserted an LED into the horn to light the machine up. Some other paper projects I did can be seen here.

Photo Series of the Rio Favelas

I documented the favelas in Rio de Janeiro in the spring of 2014, when many of them were at risk of being torn down to make room for new developments. The photos were part of a research trip we conducted on grant from the Yale International Relations Association, where we met with local urban planners and activists about these housing issues. More here.

Digital Painting

I have experimented with various methods for digital painting over the years. One of my initial forays into digital art was a program I made in Processing called Paint by Numbers that simulates oil brushstrokes using varying patterns of geometric shapes. More here.

Generative Line Drawings

I made digitally linearized drawings of the Metropolitan Museum’s collection of early sculpture figurines. More here.

Documentary on the One Child Policy

I traveled to Beijing in the winter of 2013 to create a short documentary about the effects of the one child policy. The trip was funded by a Yale Creative & Performing Arts Grant and allowed me to speak with families across the economic spectrum about the effect the regulation had had in their lives, as well as local public health officials and university researchers.

Printed Ocean

When learning how to use receipt printers, I created this mini-installation that prints out a running series of waveforms.


Internet Impressionism

I wrote a program to scrape images from Google based on a search term, and sample them pixel by pixel. The result is an effect like impressionism where images spread out spatially layer on top of each other. The image on the left is from the search term “wild horses”.

New Media Word Processor

I made a program that would generate images and sounds and shapes as you typed, corresponding to what you typed. It pulls images from the web based on the words you enter, and different words also trigger different sounds and shapes. More here.

Other Film/Photo Work

I produced the short film Decent Enough (2014), an absurdist comedy which won the Harvard Film Festival prize for Best Comedy. I also produced a music video Nightmares (2013).

A sample of my street photography can be seen here.