Internet Impressionism

“Search Term: Wild Horses”

Digital tools allow a user to instantaneously collapse space and time — accessing data from geographically and historically disparate instances simultaneously. INTERNET IMPRESSIONISM is a project that collapses images of places across space and time to create an impressionistic abstract. This gives us the ability to view a single object from multiple perspectives at once, at multiple times in its lifespan.

The images are generated using a program implemented in Java and Python. The program takes in a viewer/user input keyword, performs a Google image search, and scrapes dozens of the resulting images from disparate sources.* The second step generates a composite painting from these images — pixels are randomly populated (and repopulated) on a blank canvas by sampling from the downloaded images. Specifically, colors are selected by interpolating between a random number of the pulled images. The program continues to do this ad infinitum. The project was presented as a projection installation at Aucht Macht Neue in Berlin.

*Since the deprecation of the Google Image API, the program now runs the search on Yahoo’s API and scrapes resulting images. Includes use of NikolaiT’s GoogleScraper code, done by incorporating Python into Java Processing.