3D Drawing

I created a little series of freehand drawings in 3D. I drew brief sketches of my day stretched across multiple dimensions, so you can see fragments of walking in the park, reading a book, or talking on the phone in the pictures above. When I was making these, I thought a lot about white space and how best to use it, or leave it alone, in three dimensions. I also thought about how multiple dimensions can be used to capture a multiplicity of time — many moments with spatial relations to each other. The drawings were made over the course of three days.

The drawings were made using a version of Field that I modified to allow me to select colors and adjust pen textures (traditional Field allows only single pixel black lines). I wanted the ability to doodle spontaneously on my desktop without the need for cumbersome AR/VR tools.

The drawings were selected to be shown at Microsoft’s AltspaceVR Festival and also part of my presentation at the European Union’s Datami Conference.